The Tale of a Dreamer

Life lately has been super stressful.

All I want to do is get a pizza, get faded, make out with someone, maybe play some Xbox, build a pillow fort, and play with some nerf guns… You know relaxing, fun stuff. Is that so much to ask? Does anyone want to make a road trip to the middle of PA and hang out?


Okay… I’ll just be over here with my pizza then… alone.

You know it’s going to be an interesting day when you wake up and your first thought is ‘fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck, I forgot to set an alarm, fuck me’ but it turns out you woke up almost an hour before you would have set an alarm… Maybe I should pay the lottery or figure out a way to thank by subconscious for waking me up so I wasn’t late. Either way I’d rather take waking up early rather than waking up late.

Tonight, TinyTot and I decided to have a battle with our plastic army men and nerf guns.

Sun Child

Sun Child

As a ‘hands-on’ type of learner, I feel like I miss out on so many features because I failed to read the instructions before diving in. I am constantly finding keyboard shortcuts, features, and things that I didn’t know most things could do; things that I would have known if I had just read the instruction book. I am so glad most things come with ‘quick start’ instructions these days. It makes one wonder, how much of the lack of knowledge is due to impatience or the eagerness to figure it out on your own without help. Definitely is one of the drawbacks about being a more hands on learner, especially when it comes to electronic devices and their software.

I just overheard someone in the office complain that their weekend was ‘too long’, with another person seconding it… What?!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job - - but come on. For efficiency and productivity, I think the work week should be 6 hour days, with Friday’s off. It baffles me that someone can think the weekend is ‘TOO LONG’. Hell that person had a 3 day weekend. I still am in disbelief…

Just came inside from an excellent evening playing outside in the backyard with the TinyTot. We started playing catch and he decided he wanted to switch to Zombie hunting with our Nerf guns. I haven’t participated in that kind of imaginative play in a long time, it was nice. We used some of his character pillows from his room and he placed them around the yard. We then snuck around the house and acted like we were just coming upon them. It was really fun. He had a blast and was saddened when it got too dark to play.

I wonder where I could find department store mannequins for cheap, those would be fun to use for Nerf Gun play…

I’m here…

My posts, just like my free time, have been scarce lately. Days and weeks all have been blending together due to the hectic nature of my journeys lately. It seems as though more and more I am falling asleep on the couch at 9-10pm every night out of sheer exhaustion. I am mentally drained. Work has been incredibly busy and my homelife is no different. I feel like I haven’t had a free moment to myself in weeks, which isn’t helping to better my mood or mental health. My attitude is sour, which makes me unpleasant to be around. I am not a joyous person anymore it seems. I’m struggling. If you know anything about how an introvert works, you’ll understand how much hell I am in right now… I’m so tired and exhausted I can’t put together a complete thought anymore… I need a break…

I”m still here… if anyone cares…

'It's my money and I can do what I want with it.'

Quite honestly, I never thought I would hear those exact words from a six year old. It all began this morning when I was rushing out the door. Nathan needed money for his lunch account at school and I had forgotten to stop at the bank. As I was rushing around trying to help Nathan ready himself for the day, I sent the most garbled speech-to-text message to Ms.Katie attempting to inform her that Nathan needed money. Despite knowing I should have proof read it, as speech text is about as spot on as autocorrect, the message was sent and I was off to work.

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You know you had a good weekend when the hangover doesn’t come until Monday morning.

Okay so it isn’t a hangover that much in the sense of nausea and calling off booze forever, it is the aches, the crankiness, the tiredness… But unlike most hungover people, I have a cheery outlook and am still reeling off the good vibes from the weekend.

Lovin’ the dark jeans and light colored kicks. #shoes

Lovin’ the dark jeans and light colored kicks. #shoes

… I think I took a wrong turn, this definitely isn’t where I parked my car. #nyc #unexpectedtrip #justgowithit

… I think I took a wrong turn, this definitely isn’t where I parked my car. #nyc #unexpectedtrip #justgowithit

Honestly, you have moments where life lines up unexpectedly and my random decision to take the train from AC to NYC today was it. I lived one of my favorite The Starting Line songs ‘Need to Love’ today. Well… aside from talking to strangers and it being Sunday instead of Saturday… But still… And the song came on at Princeton…

If you find someone who doesn’t mesh with your kinks, likes, fandoms and desires, move on. Find someone who does. Remember opinions and beauty is different person to person. If you love Star Wars and you find someone who says ‘oh don’t admit that to anyone’ fuck them. Like what you like, be a fan of what you want… Fuck haters…

#Vodka orange and a waffle #sammich, we have the best bartender ever

#Vodka orange and a waffle #sammich, we have the best bartender ever